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Unless we share your stories, the past will be forgotten. We must preserve the “old ways,” and historic milestones for all future generations—least they are forgotten. GM Peter Urban said, “If you don’t write down the past, then it never happened.” Many students and teachers want to preserve the lineage of their arts and the historic events and milestones should be remembered and passed on.

Martial Arts Milestones™ A Book of Firsts

By Martial Arts Historians— Andrew Linick and Keith D. Yates

Thanks for sharing here. If you or your teachers have made MA history in any area we’d like to know about it. Preserving the knowledge of each noteworthy first event or milestone is what this page (and perhaps a future book) is all about. We welcome any documented facts you can share with us. The ones we choose to include in the future book will be eligible to receive a fine-art-quality, one-of-a-kind, custom-designed, Achievement Certificate honoring your “Martial Arts Milestone.”


1956–San Marcos, Texas
Jhoon Rhee arrives in the United States and begins teaching Tang Soo Do (soon changing to the new name of Tae Kwon Do) at San Marcos State University. He is the first to teach a Korean martial art in America which earns him the nickname, “The Father of Tae Kwon Do in America.”

1962–Dallas, Texas
Allen R. Steen opens the first commercial martial arts school in the Lone Star State in Snyder Plaza in Dallas. He calls it the Texas Karate Institute and it would become the first of his eventual chain of schools across Texas. His students would go on to become national and international champions as well as pioneer the business aspects of American Karate.

1972–New York, New York
Andrew Linick organizes the first Hall of Fame for Karate Masters and awards the first induction to Peter Urban, a legend of American Karate. The Karate Masters Hall of Fame would become one of the most prestigious (and selective) honors for American martial arts.

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