Golden Shuto Nominations Form


Reasons for Nomination: (i.e., outstanding tournament career, author of best-selling books or videos, martial arts “firsts” such as first to teach in a specific venue or first to win a prestigious award, a coach of many champions, a many-decades long teaching career) —you get the idea.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reasons for nomination must be for SIGNIFICANT achievement—just teaching for a number of years, or even winning a few local tournaments is NOT adequate accomplishment.

You cannot nominate yourself.

We have a few suggested “categories” for the GSA™. These are not all inclusive. If your nominee fits into a new category, we will create it. Fill in ‘Other Category’ at end of list.

Outstanding Tournament Career • Best-Selling Author/Video Instruction
Pioneering Instructor™  • Outstanding Coach
Weapons Master of the Year™ (Name Style)
Kata Master of the Year™ (Name Style)
Man of the Year/Woman of the Year • Humanitarian
Outstanding Dojo™ • Law Enforcement/Military Tactics
Instructor of the Year (Name Specific Style (Shotokan, TKD, Ishin-Ryu, Kung Fu, etc.)
Karate-Ka of the Month™ (Name Style Here)
Sensei of the Month™ (Name Style Here)
Fill in Other Category:_________________

There is NO FEE to either nominate or to receive a GSA™. The Official Karate™ Magazine editorial board will review all nominations and vote on submissions. If we decide that your nominee qualifies, they will be notified. The Honoree will receive a FREE PDF of a customized certificate that can be printed out at any photo store.

As a special bonus we have arranged with a large custom art and framing company to provide you with “discount prices-up to 40% off retail” on quality, custom matting and attractive Gallery Ready-to-Hang’ frames recipients would be proud to display in their dojo/school, den and/or office.

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Golden Shuto Nomination Form

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