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MARTIAL ARTS GREETING CARDS  —  We create clean, simple greeting cards and posters as PDFs that you download and print. We use traditional martial arts maxims, sayings, words, etc. All of our kanji is created by a Shodo Master specifically for us.

Each greeting card and poster has 4 different options showing the kanji with the Japanese pronunciation, the English pronunciation and a short description of the word or saying.

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Unique Offer for a true collector who wishes to own a complete magazine library of first edition martial arts magazines.

Approximately 3,000 used copies of Black Belt, Karate Illustrated, Kick, Professional Karate, Official Karate, Samurai, Ninja, and The East Publication. Also Asian Journal of Martial Arts. This collection originally owned by Master Ted Kresge and estimated value $35,000 Appointment to view collection is $150. Location Long Island New York Contact 631-654-2999 or

Books and Videos from one of the most prolific grandmasters and authors in the country.
The Complete Book of Tae Kwon Do Forms
The Complete Guide to American Karate and Tae Kwon Do
Young Samurai
Christianity and the Martial Arts
101 One Step Sparring Drills (DVD)
Winning Karate Tournaments (DVD)
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