Welcome to the new Official Karate magazine™ (OKM). We have assembled some of the old team from the early days of this pioneering martial arts publication and we’ve added some new voices. As the “Official” publication of Martial Arts Grandmasters International (MAGI)® we are dedicated to bringing you the very best information on traditional martial arts from around the world. But we realize that it’s the 21st century, not the 16th, so we seek to inform you about the current state of the arts in North America and around the globe.

Our quarterly online magazine is published four times a year. OKM is available to you totally FREE OF CHARGE. You can read it or print it out. You’ll read articles by famous masters and champions as well as columns such as Fighting Techniques from the Masters™The Voice of Tradition™  and Words of WiZdom™.

OKM’s “Collector’s ANNUAL” Yearbook is physically printed once a year and is mailed exclusively to members of the Martial Arts Grandmasters International (MAGI)®. As a member of MAGI® you not only receive the “ANNUAL” but a ton of extra bonuses ranging from special e-pubs on topics like “Growing Your Martial arts Business” to discounts on merchandise like apparel and Okinawan weapons. These discounts will more than make up for the cost of your membership. We also have custom designed rank certificates (not to mention recognition of your rank) and impressive uniform patches, window decals, and more. Click on over to the MAGI® page on this website to discover all the benefits of becoming a member in this International organization.

KUDOS from OKM readers . . .

“As one who was on the cover of several issues of the original Official Karate™ I am excited to see that this new version carries on the tradition of a quality publication. I look forward to a magazine that can reach the next generation as effectively as that first one reached all of us.”

—Oso Tayari Casel, Kung Fu Pioneer and Champion

“I was in my early twenties when I began training. I had a book, “Karate,” by John Kuhl and was in a dojo in Suffolk County when I found an issue of Official Karate™. I would go to a Manhattan newstand to get the latest issue. It was my connection to people, tournaments, and training. It was all new. I read it cover to cover. That magazine became my doorway into this new world.”

—Terry Maccarrone, 8th Dan Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu

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