Writer’s Guidelines for Official Karate™ Magazine

Thank you for your interest in writing for Official Karate™ Magazine, the “official” publication of the Martial Arts Grandmasters International®. We are a quarterly, digital magazine with the first quarter issue (Winter) physically printed as our “Annual” edition. Our topics include all systems, and their techniques, tradition-history and philosophy, as well as interviews with rising stars, prominent martial artists, pioneers and legends.

Before emailing a manuscript to Official Karate™, we ask that you send a query. That saves your time and ours. Describe your proposed article and include a sample lead-in. If the topic seems interesting we may request to see the article on speculation. Email digital photos only if and when our editors approve your article.

Articles must address an area of specific interest or concern for the advanced martial artist. We don’t cover basic topics such as, “how to execute a front kick.” Articles should be educational—either teaching sophisticated techniques or skills, or enlightening our readers about philosophy, customs, and stories from karate’s history. All writing must capture the reader’s interest with a strong lead, and then hold it with a focused theme.

Official Karate™ rarely publishes first-person stories because they are usually not interesting to a wide audience. Nor do we run personality profiles unless the person is a significant, worldwide contributor to the martial arts. We will assume that all statements and quotes are accurate and verifiable. Use authoritative sources (not an internet search) and crosscheck everything. Bad grammar and misspellings—especially names and foreign words—will disqualify your manuscript.

We seek guest columns from 300 to 500 words and article manuscripts from 400 to 1,000 words (longer articles, up to 2,000 words, are reserved for the printed Annual issue). For that printed issue high-quality, digital photos must be at 300 dppi at final size (usually 4 x 6). Full-page images (8.5 x 11) must also be at high-resolution or we cannot run them. For our digital editions we can use lower resolution images but it is up to our editors to determine. We accept jpg and tiff files. If your images are not of suitable quality we reserve the right to reject not only the photo but also perhaps the entire article. Be careful to pose the subjects in front of a contrasting (but not confusing) background and don’t chop off subjects’ feet or hands when you frame the image. Make sure the lighting is sufficient and verify that you are focused on the subject, not on the background. Blurred images can usually be avoided by using flash (as long as the shadows don’t appear large on the background—an “off-camera” flash will remedy this) and/or setting your camera’s ISO.


NOVEMBER  15     Deadline for Winter submissions (Editorial and Advertising)*

FEBRUARY 1     Winter Issue (ANNUAL) Publication date

MARCH 15     Deadline for Spring submissions

MAY 1     Spring Issue Publication date

JUNE 15     Deadline for Summer submissions

AUGUST 1     Summer Issue Publication date

SEPTEMBER 15     Deadline for Fall submissions

NOVEMBER 1     Fall Issue Publication date



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