GM Linick’s Best-Selling Nunchaku Course

 GM Andrew Linick’s

Nationally/ Internationally Renowed

Best Selling Nunchaku Course 

“…few karateka in America can equal Andrew Linick’s ability with the deadly Nunchaku…I for one, am happy that Master Linick is imparting some of this great knowledge to the public.” Al Weiss 5 th Dan. Original publisher of OK Magazine. Circa 1968

The novice, as well as the advanced marital arts practitioner, will learn basic to advanced  combinations of Nunchaku techniques. It is my intention to demonstrate the practical application in the use of the Nunchaku: it’s use against weapons; the delivery of a crippling blow to an assailant; basic and advanced blocking systems; striking, blocking, and choking techniques in varied situation 


“What Nakayama did for his Master’s text on Karate,

Shihan Linick has accomplished in this text on Nunchaku.”

“Master Teruyuki Higa, 7th Dan   Okinawan Weapons Expert”


“It is my hope that all who read and understand this guide will follow the theory of ‘fair play’ in and out of the classroom or dojo. This book was written with one purpose in mind: to spread the teachings that the knowledge of Nunchaku should be used not only to defend yourself and others around you, but to practice Nunchaku as an art. Ideally, physical, emotional and mental harmony will then be attained.

If you can grasp and decipher the essence of Kobujutsu and by it gain wisdom through practice and experience, I shall feel that my efforts have been rewarded.

A new feature not in any previous editions of Nunchaku, Karate’s Deadliest Fighting Sticks has been added: a programmed learning Self-Quiz at the end of each lesson. Quizzes enable the reader to review thoroughly the lesson content, creating a permanent reference to all the basic materials in this course.

In addition, you will find for the first time a glossary of Nunchaku terms which has been prepared and endorsed by the Okinawan Kobujutsu Kyokai Association.

But let’s get on with it. This course is for you, be you a seasoned professional or student seeking more knowledge in the Art of Nunchaku. The best success to you in all you efforts.”

Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D./Hanshi, 10th Dan
Okinawan Kobudo Expert/International Weapons Champion
7 Putter Lane • P0. Box 102 • Middle Island, NY 11953-0102

Contact: • 631.924.3888

Softcover: $35.00 plus $6.95 ( TOTAL $41.95 USD) for 2-day express mail USA. (Foreign orders inquiry for P/H).

Author will sign personal copy FREE of Charge (Savings $50.)

“16 fact-filled lessons contain everything you need to know in one indispensable 224 page course. A full 8.5×11 page size, 308 clear action packed eye opening photos and more than 340 easy to follow illustrations combining strikes, swings, blocks, chokes, take-downs and pinching techniques. You can’t lose with my 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction. Hailed as the Bible of Nunchaku by peers. You can buy my Course via under HanshiLinick Account.

Nunchaku Course Graduate is eligible for handsome completion certificate, official patch, decal, pin carrying card and much more. Autographed copies no extra charge. Satisfaction guaranteed! Order today with confidence!”-Andrew Linick/Hanshi 235,000 copies sold to date. 3rd Deluxe Collector’s Edition just $35.00 plus $6.95 (Total $41.95 USD) for 2-day express mail

O.K.K.A • 7 Putter Lane, PO Box 102, Middle Island, NY 11953-0102 or  order my Course using under HanshiLinick Account.


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