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“The Golden Shuto™ Award…  which will honor and recognize the special contributions made by individual martial artists in areas including, but not limited to, competition, instruction, kata, weapons, self-defense, systems (with authentic lineage) and much more. We plan to present these awards regularly not to just deserving karateka and martial artists in North America but around the world. So naturally we need your help, loyal readers. If you know of some outstanding contributions made by certain individuals (your teachers, senior instructors, etc.) to the spreading of karate (and other martial arts), then we want to know about them.

We’ll feature accepted “Honorees” here on our website AND in our OK Annual Issue to be physically printed in the first quarter of each year (as you know, our other three issues are digital). We cannot, of course, even begin to honor every man and woman who has made karate and other self-defense arts into a world-wide phenomenon, but we can give some needed recognition to the unsung heroes (and some whose praises may have already been sung) of the martial arts.
There is no cost to nominate or receive the GSA™. We will send winners a FREE customized—with their name—certificate in PDF format. If the honoree wishes to receive a full-color, printed certificate with a custom frame suitable for hanging in their dojo or home, we have made arrangements with a large, art and framing company to provide winners with three options, available at up to 50% off retial. Check it out below.


“Wow, what a prestigious honor from my peers and the editorial board. This is one to receive.” —Danny Lane, West Virginia (Ambassador)
“Thanks for this impressive, high honor.” —Mark Shuey, Nevada, (Weapons)
“I am deeply honoured to receive the prestigious Golden Shuto award from a group I deeply respect and admire.” —Cezar Borkowski (Pioneer)
Click here for a nominations form for the Golden Shuto™ (you cannot nominate yourself)
Click here if you are ALREADY a Golden Shuto™ honoree and wish to order a customized, printed award with a classic frame, ready for display in your dojo or home.
wren.gsaIn May, 2014, Official Karate Magazine Columnist, Joe Corley, presented the Golden Shuto™ Award to legendary Karate Champion Fred Wren.









In May, 2014, Official Karate Magazine Managing Editor, Keith D. Yates, presented a Golden Shuto™ Award to pioneering Texas karate instructor, Larry Ritchie.
Don’t hesitate to make your nomination for this prestigious award.



Danny Lane: Ambassador Category / Champion, Military and Police Trainer
Mike Dillard: Ambassador Category / Founder and President of Century Martial Arts Supply
John Therien: Ambassador Category / Canadian Jiu Jutsu Legend
Phillip Bradley: International Category / Kobudo
George Bishop: International Category / Shotokan Karate
Dana Abbott: Weapons Master Category / Traditional Japanese Sword
Mark Shuey: Weapons Master Category / Cane Master
George Minshew: Pioneer Category / Champion, Coach, Instructor
Mike Genova: Fighting Champion Category
Bruce Butschy: Fighting Champion Category
Jean-Yves Therioult: Fighting Champion Category
Toyotaro Miyazaki: Kumite and Weapons World Champion
Dr. Ron Tottingham: Spiritual Mentor
Dr. Kent Haralson: Spiritual Mentor


Art Camacho: Ambassador Category
Willie “Bam” Johnson: Champion Category
Frank Dux: Pioneer Category
Mike Allen: Promoter
Bob Beasley: Promoter
Phil Ola: Pioneer
Charles Bouton: Ambassador
Joe Corley: Promoter and Champion
Cezar Borkowski: Weapons Expert and Karate Pioneer
Jamie Cashion: Humanitarian



Bob “Thunder” Thurman: Kickboxing Champion
Kenneth Cohen: Ambassador
Dan Djurdjevic: Outstanding Scholarship Online
Bruce Clayton: Outstanding Scholar and Author
Fred Wren: Fighting Champion
Larry Ritchie: Pioneer
John Worley: Pioneer
Pat Worley: Pioneer
Fred Simon: Pioneer
Daiwon Moon: Pioneer
Joy Turberville: Women’s Fighting Champion
John Nash: Pioneer
Patrick Sizer Law Enforcement


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