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“As one who was on the cover of several issues of the original Official Karate I am excited to see that this new version carries on the tradition of a quality publication. I look forward to a magazine that can reach the next generation as effectively as that first one reached all of us.”

—Oso Tayari Casel, Kung Fu Pioneer and Full Contact Karate Champions


“I am proud to be a small part of this new venture. The men involved in putting together this mammoth undertaking deserve the support of all of us “old timers.”

—Dan Tosh,  9th Dan, Hanshi


“I was in my early twenties when I began training. I had a book, “Karate,” by John Kuhl  and was in a dojo in Suffolk County when I found an issue of Official Karate. I would go to a Manhattan newstand to get the latest issue. It was my connection to people, tournaments, and training. It was all new. I read it cover to cover. That magazine became my doorway into this new world.”

—Terry Maccarrone, 8th Dan Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu


“Excellent job. The new Official Karate magazine has brought back a lot of the spirit that’s missing in today’s karate community. Congratulations to the A-Team who put together such rich and interesting content again.”

 —Master Marty Katz, 7th dan


“Congratulations to Hanshi Andrew Linick and Grandmaster Keith Yates and friends for bringing back Official Karate magazine. My appearances on the cover and inside features gave a healthy boost to my career. Official Karate was the only East Coast publication to focus on the many talents and achievements of our region’s many ‘superstars.’ My enthusiastic support for these efforts.”

—Dr. Alex Sternberg, Kyoshi, 7th dan,


With over 40 years of study, and I can remember my first issue of Official Karate magazine, I was a collector for many years. I joined the Navy in 1987 and when I came home from boot camp to my surprise my Grandmother had throw them all away. My heart was broken. I wanted so bad to be in an article or on the cover but then one day it was gone, out of print. I am excited about the revival. I’m looking forward to see new articles and those great cover shots.”

—Master Bryant Harrell


“Having been involved in martial arts practically my whole life there are certain things that shaped me. One of them was Official Karate magazine. I remember running to the local store to buy the latest issue. I got to see my idols describe their lives, arts and beliefs. I couldn’t wait to see the favorite techniques of masters like Tayari Casel, Ron van Clief, Andrew Linick or Alan Lamb. They inspired me to enter competitions in the hope that I could make it into Official Karate magazine too. “I achieved that dream a few years later. It was amazing to read about a martial artist and see them at a tournament the next week. For me it always made me believe that if it was possible for them it was possible for me. I am so delighted at the resurrection of Official Karate magazine. Trust me when I say it has brought back a flood of wonderful memories and hopes for a tremendous revival for the next generation of readers.”

—Thomas Gettling, Hachi-Dan, San Lung Tao


“Reading this Premier issue of the new Official Karate magazine took me back to the golden years of the 1960s and ’70s. What a great job. This publication is going to be joyously received.”

—Bob Gaines, Master Direct Response Advertising Copywriter and martial artist


Congratulations for putting Official Karate Magazine back on the map. Not only is the magazine packed with some great articles, the quality of the magazine is second to none. I enjoyed the old Official Karate Magazines from back-in-the-day and look forward to continued reading.—Jerry Figgiani, 8th Dan, Shorin Ryu Karatedo International


Thank you Linick, Sensei for reviving a magazine that, for so many years, educated and entertained so many martial artists. Kudos to you and your staff for the great work. —drmetlhed


“What a great issue! I always enjoy reading your materials! Thank you Hanshi Linick for sharing! I look forward to our paths meeting again someday! – Respectfully bowing.”— Robyn Rush-James, Kyoshi-7th Dan


Thank you Sir, have just subscribed and began reading. Enjoying the subject matter and articles. Love seeing not only my old friends from years past, but the new generation as well. “Would love to contribute to this age-old wonderful magazine. Thank you for reviving it.

—GM Jimm McMurray, 9th Koodan


“Grandmaster Andrew Linick, Hanshi is a true American karate pioneer of the highest distinguished caliber. As a young black belt, I remember reading his contributions in OFFICIAL KARATE and leading magazines in the early 80’s, and his unselfish sharing of knowledge has helped shape the landscape of American karate even today. As I look back over the past 32 years, I can see how Hanshi Linick’s work has impacted my practice and thoughts in the martial arts, and wish to extend my thanks to him. He is a real treasure amongst American karateka. Thank you for republishing Official Karate Magazine, Hanshi Linick.” —Master Jim Porter. 6th Dan, Shaolin Martial Arts (Kuntao www.shaolinsystem.com Arigato Gozaimatsu 🙂


“Official Karate magazine is an exceptional publication. This issue had many excellent features. In addition to the articles commemorating the karate legends Soke Takayoshi Nagamine and World Champion Joe Lewis, one article that I particularly enjoyed was written by Hanshi Andrew Linick, containing much savvy and practical marketing advice which I intend to use right away.”— Sifu Craig Heimbichner


“Sensei Andrew Linick, now Hanshi, performed demonstrations back in the mid 70’s that all of us in the martial arts community appreciated. He has grown over the years to be one of the most knowledgeable, skilled, and sought after instructors in the United States. I had the privilege of meeting Sensei Linick through my instructor, Sensei Ed Kaloudis, in 1975 when we traveled to Caracas, Venezuela together to compete and demonstrate our art. The Venezuelan government specifically asked for Sensei Linick and other top martial artists (Jim Kelly, Gary Alexander, Tom La Puppet, Alex Sternberg, Marcelo Planchart-Kaloudis’ student and 4th dan in Venez., Teruyuki Higa, Aaron Banks, Teddy Wong and Luke Grande) to attend and demonstrate their art at this International event held in the El Poliedro Oct. 19, 1975. Today, Hanshi Linick enjoys deep respect from all who know him in the martial arts community. Thank you for bringing back our Voice of Karate, Official Karate Mag.”—Sensei Patrick J. Ciser, 6th Dan, Koeikan Karate-Do.”


“Thanks for the wonderful tributes to the great Master Joe Lewis in this issue. I consider it an honor to have known him and participated in many of his seminars in the 1980s. I witnessed the deep friendship and respect that Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith and Master Lewis had for each other and spent many hours laughing with them and working to learn their techniques. Some of my fondest memories are the times I spent with my daughters and my students at Karate College with these fine men.


It is a blessing to have a fine magazine like Official Karate tell the stories of the legends that will always be an important part of our lineage. You provide a dignified forum for many great teachers to share their stories and their wisdom. The old ways will remain alive and avail­able to a new generation of instructors. Oss and Amen.”

Sifu Karen Schlachter



“Official Karate is an excellent resource for any serious Martial Artist.

I’m so glad this great magazine is back and better than ever!”

  • Scott Bolan, President, Self-Defense Association of America
  • “In an age when martial arts trends towards popular sport versions with little tradition, etiquette and history being preserved or cherish Official Karate Mag™ has maintained a high level of professionalism and honor for authentic martial arts world wide. The articles are in-depth and great coverage for people of all ages interested in learning the real side to martial arts. Linick Hanshi and GM Yates reaches out quite often to secure sources, commentary and articles from a plethora of sources from the most legitimate martial artists in the world and brings them right to your online reading room at www.OfficialKarateMag.com. It is a great honor to be friends Hanshi as well as a contributor to such a fine published resource for martial artists.” —Steven Franz Kyoshi, 7th Dan Bryan, Ohio




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