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  • Official Karate Magazine™, one of the first and most popular martial arts publications of the 1960s, is back since 2012! The dream team of grandmasters and publishing professionals have secured permission from the former editor (and son of the original publisher Al Weiss) to resurrect this ground-breaking magazine.
  • In keeping with the times, we are a quarterly, digital publication with one printed, collectors-edition, “annual” issue (with up to 100,000 print-run with a readership of 350,000 based on publishing industry statistics). By inserting the magazine into the outgoing shipments of some of the major martial arts supply vendors, at dojos/dojangs, tournaments, seminars, Hall of Fame, conventions/trade shows  . . . your ad’s message reaches tens of thousands of interested customers/buyers (students, teachers, masters, GM’s, schools, parents, children, families/relatives)!
  • In addition, the Official Karate Magazine™ website is part of the MAGI® AD NETWORK™ which connects advertisers with the Martial Arts Grandmasters International® website, the Karate Masters Hall of Fame® website, with several Facebook groups such as Martial Arts Milestones™ and TUMAC™—The United Martial Arts Community™, and with other distribution channels such as popular internet tv/cable/radio stations, martial arts blogs, forums & discussion groups, and over 50 top social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+, Instagram, YouTube channels and more! For example, Actor/Director 李连杰 Jet Li (in MAGI’s® Ad Network™) has over 18.2 million likes & fans alone.
  • So what is the bottom line? Your measurable, response advertising has the potential to be seen by hundreds of thousands of martial arts enthusiasts, buyers, friends/fans. Your ad in OK magazine isn’t just a magazine space ad, it’s Your Gateway to Sell and Expose Your Brand/Product/Event to a Worldwide Audience.™    
  • Each issue has only a few full-page ads (and a few half or quarter page spots). So you must act now if you want to get into the next issue.
  • If you want to be included in our OKMag family of advertising partners, call me right away at 631.924.3888 or 631.775.6075 and I’ll offer you a special new advertiser, discount rate off the rate card, PLUS if you buy at least a ½-page for 4 issues (one print and three e-zines) I’ll give you a FREE ¼-page 100 word editorial with photo (value $240.00), in our “Martial Marketplace” section. We can place a special code in your ad(s) so you’ll be able to track your sales/leads and know exactly how much profit you made. But it’s first come first served.
  • I want to make sure we are a perfect fit for each other before I accept you as an advertising partner. If I can’t help you grow your profits by at least 20%, then I’ll fire myself first.
  • We look forward to working with you and growing your business during 2015 and beyond.

Andrew S. Linick, Hanshi

Editor and Publisher

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P.S. Remember, we have more advertisers than we have pages in the print magazine. If you want to appear as the ‘Vendor of Choice’ for your category, you must reserve your space now. We have special rates for exclusive advertising partners. We can put together a custom package based on your budget and maximize your savings for both the print and online editions.


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