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 The latest Printed Collector’s edition of the 2015 Official Karate Mag Annual ($14.00 retail) ezine which is still FREE to read. Your feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Inside there’s lots of action how to photos and knowledge from masters and GM’s and Rising Stars of tomorrow. Check it out and let us know what you liked and what else you would like to see inside a future issue. Our mission is preserving the old ways of traditional karate-do and MA Since 1968. We are proud to feature Canada’s GM Cezar Borkowski on this years 2015 Annual. Hanshi was chosen by the editors and BOD to represent North America. -ASL/Publisher: GM Keith Yates/Managing Editor/Creative Dir: OKMAG. And www.officialkaratemagasia.com To order your a copy go to PayPal.com to our account under okmagads@gmail.com and pay $14.00 each plus $2.95 P/H (receive $100 worth of free downloads)
for USA–Foreign orders inquire at hanshilinick@gmail.com. For bulk orders 25 to 100 copies, ask for wholesale pricing. Printed issue available in one week. Questions? Email me. Osu!

  The New Official Karate™

GM’s Art Camacho, Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock enjoying the 2014 OKM Annual with Master Mark Kline on the cover.
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Official Karate Mag™
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An EXCLUSIVE interview with the stunt coordinator and the stunt men for the blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. FInd out what kickboxing champ Bob “Thunder” Thurman is up to these days and read about “Budo and the Badge” author Pat Ciser and his adventures as a Jersey cop. All this and much more in the Summer 2014 Issue. Click on the cover image here to read your FREE digital copy.

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Pictured are masters and grandmasters holding their COLLECTOR’S EDITION copy of the 2013 Official Karate™ Annual  Issue. Remember the printed annual is a limited-run issue and can be ordered from us at the discounted price of $7 (plus shipping and handling) until supplies run out.




OK.annual13.coverTHIS 2013 (with Keith D. Yates) and 2014 (with Mark Klien) PRINTED ANNUALS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! Contact us to order your copies. Now reduced to just $7 plus shipping.


         A special letter from David Weiss, Former Editor, Official Karate Magazine

“My father’s fascination with the martial arts began with a single reverse punch delivered by his future sensei, John Kuhl (who appeared on our first cover at left) — a punch that not only sent him sprawling, but ignited an insatiable curiosity. He became a sponge for knowledge on the subject and it wasn’t long before he realized that the public deserved, indeed needed, to know more about these ancient disciplines. He also recognized the need for a forum through which instructors and practitioners could share their knowledge and skills. OFFICIAL KARATE TM was born.

Now, over 40 years later, a talented and devoted team of Grandmaster practitioners led by Andrew Linick and Keith D. Yates have chosen to resurrect this, the first martial arts magazine published on the east coast. Young practitioners of all styles will be kept abreast of events in the martial arts community as well as learn of their shared heritage—of those who made the martial arts the popular phenomenon that they remain today. The masters, the ones that have withstood the test of decades of devotion, will be able to look back fondly on the glory days of American martial arts. Everyone wins.

My father would be humbled that his past efforts would be so honored, and it is with great enthusiasm that I offer my profound congratulations and wishes for success to this, the 21st century incarnation of an American martial arts classic.”


“I am excited to see OKM’s new version carries on the tradition of a quality publication. Thanks for reaching the next generation as effectively as that first one reached all of us.”  
—Oso Tayari Casel, Kung Fu Pioneer and Champion

“Excellent job! The new Official Karate magazine™ brings back the spirit that’s missing in today’s karate community. Congrats to the A-Team who put together such rich and interesting content again.”
 —Master Marty Katz, 7th dan

Official Karate™ was the only East Coast mag to focus on the many talents and achievements of our region’s many ‘superstars.’ My enthusiastic support for these efforts.”
—Dr. Alex Sternberg, Kyoshi, 7th dan,

“Congratulations for putting OKMag back on the map. Not only is the mag packed with some great articles, the quality of the mag is second to none!”—Jerry Figgiani, Kyoshi – Shorin Ryu Karate-do Intern’l

“Just subscribed and began reading. Enjoying the subject matter and articles. Love seeing my old friends from years past, but the new generation too. Thank’s for reviving it.”GM Jimm McMurray

“Official Karate™ tells the stories of Pioneers/Legends. It provides a dignified forum for many great teachers to share their stories and their wisdom. The old ways will remain alive and available to a new generation of instructors.Sifu Karen Schlachter



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